Investment solutions that work for you

What does PLG do?

Professional Landlord Group offers three pillars of exceptional service. For investors of all levels, our coaching program can help you out. We also provide buy and sell, and joint venture services for our more established clients.

Who is PLG?

Our team has experience in property management, entrepreneurship, landlording, real estate, and investment. Whatever goals you have, we’ve got the expert that can help you meet them. We’ll work hands-on to renovate your dreams from the ground up. 

How does PLG Coaching work? 

At Professional Landlord Group, we take the stress out of strategizing. Improve your portfolio in as little as 12 weeks. Our coaching program provides the knowledge to make and meet your goals. We are here to help turn your money-making ideas into results.

How do Buy & Sells work?

Professional Landlord Group is a team of active investors, realtors, and landlords. We know the ins and outs of buying and selling. From start to finish, we can help scale your portfolio to meet your needs. Pay the least on the properties you want to buy. Get the most exposure on the properties you want to sell. It's that simple.

Why consider a Joint Venture with PLG?

If you’re looking to expand your portfolio, why not venture with us? Professional Landlord Group is always searching for like-minded partnerships and collaborative improvement.  

Real estate investing is a very rewarding field. What you put into it, you get back ten fold. Financial freedom, more time with family, and continuous room for growth.

Profit through your real estate passions. Contact Professional Landlord Group today. 


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Real Estate Investor Coach


Andrew Parashis specializes in multi-residential properties with over 15 years of experience as a real estate investor. He started off with a background in construction purchasing distressed properties in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. Through these projects, Andrew became an expert problem-solver, learning how to turn any old property into a cash flow machine.

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Real Estate Investment Mentor


Ping Hsu is an active realtor with over 10 years of experience in student rentals, duplex conversions, and high-growth condo developments. Despite his complex knowledge of deal analysis and investment strategies, Ping believes in keeping things simple, and yielding consistent returns for him and his clients.

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Real Estate legal consultant

Kostas Karagianidis

Kostas knows how to lay down the law. His working background includes dealings as a realtor, mortgage broker, and legal advisor. Through these experiences, Kostas has mastered entering complex deals with high returns. Kostas has been doing real estate investing for over 6 years specializing in distressed properties. Non-payment of rent and decimated apartment units are his bread and butter.

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 Real Estate Management mentor

Michael Kramp


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Real Estate Management Coach

Roman Walcott 


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Landlord Problem solving

Skylar Dunford 

Skylar Dunford invests in what most people find troublesome. He reaps the rewards of tackling difficult projects and scoping out overlooked niche opportunities. That coupled with his long history running a property management company with over 800 tenants means he has seen - and faced - almost every problem imaginable. 

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