What is a Landlord Paralegal Service? 

A Landlord Paralegal specializes in Landlord & Tenant Board (LTB) matters, advocating on behalf of the landlord. Paying all the bills for your property? Not receiving your rent on time? Afraid of losing your money to a legal service that just doesn’t understand your concerns? 

Our affiliate paralegal services are designed with the Professional Landlord in mind. We pride ourselves on partnering with paralegals who know and understand the needs and sentiments of the landlord. From consultations, deficient rent collection, LTB attendance and more, our affiliate legal team is committed to fair resolutions that fit the real estate agenda.



PLG’s legal affiliate offers a broad range of paralegal consultation services. When times get tough, let their uniquely trained Landlord Paralegal hit the books. With one simple consultation, you will be guided on how to handle your situation in the most time and cost-friendly manner. If you have questions or concernsabout… ✓ Management conduct ✓ Rent payments ✓ Bill payments ✓ LTB attendance ✓ More Ask PLG to connect you with our paralegal affiliate. They are happy to take the action you need to excel in property investments, mend tenant relations, and more.

Deficient Rent Collection Services:

Every year, hundreds of thousands of dollars uncollected rent are lost through delinquent tenancies, and the LTB. As a result, the collection process becomes a detrimental expenditure on landlords. The Legal Landlord’s deficient rent collection services capitalize on volume, and pass their savings onto you. Don’t keep losing the money you need to keep your properties. Contact PLG’s legal affiliates and reclaim what’s yours.

LTB Attendance

The Landlord & Tenant Board does not have the best reputation with property owners. Cases are often dismissed on a clerical error, and cost you time and energy. Over at the Landlord Paralegal Services, they strive to take the pain and uncertainty out of LTB board matters. Unlike other legal services, they are experts at fighting for the Professional Landlord so you can keep working, and stop worrying.